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Picture by Bob Coulter
Picture by Bob Coulter

The Quiz of The Dead w/ Hollie Stevens

This sweet porn star isn't clowing around!

Danny Northside - Thursday, April 19, 2007

I cannot claim I discovered this one on my own. I owe a much deserved amount of gratitude to Robert Steven Rhine and his wonderful publication Girls and Corpses. While reading the premier issue a few weeks ago (Yes I read it for the articles, haha!) I noticed an interesting interview with a beautiful girl named Hollie Stevens. It was the photo’s that struck me. The headline states, “Going where no XXX porn star has gone before… Clown Porn!” I was blown away! The girl is a knockout, wearing a circus tent style stripped bikini, a blue wig, and a dash of clown makeup. Instantly, this intrigued the shit out of me and I read the interview right away.

Needless to say, I mentioned the interview Hollie did in my review of Girls and Corpses. Sure Sheri Moon Zombie on the cover is a big deal, but this clown thing was just awesome to me. I did a little homework and found out that Hollie Stevens won the 2004 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene in a movie called The Violation of Jessica Darlin. I'm all about that! She has modeled in a slew of magazines such as Xcitement, Showgirls, and Hustler to name a few, but is also a model in The 2007 Girls and Corpses Calendar. She was the fist actress to step into the realm of “Pornomedy”, in a film simply called Clown Porn from RAMCO Productions in 2005 that became a big hit worldwide. (www.clownporn.net) It was followed up by a sequel called Clown Porn – Crime Watch. Crime Watch is sort of a 70’s cop clown story with the occasional pie to the face, drug busts, and clowns straight up getting it on! Pretty impressive if you ask me!

I was also surprised to see she is into a lot of old school punk and hardcore. Bands such as Bad Brains, The Dead Kennedy’s, Minor Threat, The Misfits, all the way to digging N.W.A. and Ted Nugent! Good taste in music right there, and much better than the expected crap most girls dig today. She is also a fan of cheesy B Movie Horror flicks. Her most recent porn movie is directed by David Stanley (Creme Brulee, All About Keri) and is called Mouth. It’s available through Wicked Pictures.

Hollie and I have had the chance to chat the last few days and found out first hand that she is a really cool girl. She is a normal, not stuck up and conceded as most girls in the porn industry tend to behave. From reading her interview in the Girls and Corpses Issue I knew she had a good sense of humor, especially when she corrected me on the anal comment involving her I originally made in the story! (Go check the review in the news section on the site) When I asked her to do The Quiz of The Dead, her response was, “Lay it on me!!” Right then and there I knew this was going to be a fun one! If you’re going to be in San Francisco or will be in the general area this coming weekend (April 21st and 22nd), you should check out The Alternative Press Expo (www.comic-con.org/ape) Hollie will be signing at the Girls & Corpses Magazine booth. Make sure if you do, tell her I Can Smell Your Brains sent you! You can also shoot her a message at www.myspace.com/holliestevens

Thanks Hollie! Ladies and gentlemen, without further a due, I bring you another edition of The Quiz of The Dead!

ICSYB - How often would you say you get around to watching spooky movies?

Hollie - Not nearly as much as I used to. Just doesn't look like there's any worth seeing that have recently been released. Can't top the classics.

ICSYB - As a child, which horror movie would you say really freaked you out the most?

Hollie - I wasn't really allowed to watch horror movies as a kid so the movies that did scare me was Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice. Ghostbusters gave me all kinds of nightmares as a kid!!

ICSYB - Who would you rather eat cotton candy with and maybe sit on their lap….Captain Spaulding or The It?

Hollie - Captain Spaulding but, he'd probably spit in it.

Photo by David KlotzICSYB - I am a big fan of Killer Clowns from Outer Space, but was always scared of clowns a little thanks to Poltergeist. How does it feel to know that you have helped bring smiles instead of shrieks of terror back to the world of clowning?

Hollie - I've learned that being a clown brings people all sorts of mixed emotions. A girl once told me that I gave her nightmares for a week! I've had emails where people claim that I have turned them on to clowns and are in a very uncomfortable situation now. Everyone else just thinks it's fucking hilarious. Either way, I find it all very entertaining!

ICSYB - If you had to get killed by a horror villain who would you chose and how would you go?

Hollie - Michael Myers. I'd try to run away from him screaming and flailing my arms around like crazy. Keep tripping and falling all over the ground till a garden rake takes me out by impaling my vagina. Then I get chocked and stabbed to death as soon as Michael Myers has caught up with me.

ICSYB - What would you think if a guy wanted to take you on a picnic, let’s say to a graveyard?

Hollie - I think he'd be trying a little too hard to be goth. I had some delicious taco bell in a cemetery once. Chilli Cheese Burrito. Yum! No real story behind that one.

ICSYB - If you got a part in a horror flick and had the choice, would you prefer playing the villain or the victim?

The Victim. I like to scream and be as obnoxious as possible at any opportunity.

ICSYB - Rumor has it the Corpse in the Girls and Corpses shoot got a little frisky, care to elaborate?

Hollie - Corpsy touched my boob. I touched his banana.

ICSYB - What film would you say is the scariest movie ever made?

There's so many, I can't pick just one.

ICSYB - Would you be offended if I said your brains smelled delicious right now?Maybe let me at least take a lick?

Hollie - Not offended at all. I think we should go on a date or something first before you start with the brain licking though.

ICSYB - SWEET, haha! Thanks Hollie, Good luck this weekend at The Alternative Press Expo!

Photo #4 with the Hollie in the blue wig is from Girls and Corpses magazine.

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